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 GIS Department

Our Mission

"The GIS only determined by the imagination of those who use it."​
        Jack Danjermond​

FEWA​ GIS Department was established In 2005, and is one of the largest Utilities when it comes to GIS implementations in the UAE.

In 2005 FE​​​WA implemented successfully Esri ArcGIS and AED-SICAD ArcFM UT for asset management and smart utility. ​

FEWA has embarked into many projects including upgrades, map corrections, integration projects.

GIS section is intended to provide connectivity and operational support to all FEWA departments and systems, whether on internal or external scale

The Use of Geographic Information Systems in FEWA​

  • Issuing of NOC.
  • The system helps the customer service department to search for all information related to the customer.
  • ​The system is used by both sections of water and electricity in several areas, including:
  • Detect faults in the network
  • Facilitate the process of network renovation
  • Coordinates determination
  • Issuing simple reports (such as determining the number of meters in a particular area)
  • Determining distances (such as determining the distance between the meter and nutrition source)

GIS Department Awards

  • ​​​2009  Utilities Assest Management
  • 2011  Best use of Network Express In Utilities
  • 2012  Best use of Network Express In Utilities
  • Best  GIS Application in Business Integration 2013
  • 2014  Excellence in GIS implementation 
  • 2016  Maturing in GIS Achievements​​​