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Our com​mitment to our vision is clear in our efforts to do all that is necessary to bring to life a safe and healthy environment through modernizing and upgrading all relevant safety requirements to be observed during the performing of tasks and duties in order to excel in adopting international standards and to raise our notable electricity and water supply services to the highest level of efficiency and safety. 

We believes that human element and their expertise is one of the most important resource, and their daily activities can reduce both his environmental impact and the likelihood of accidents and risk affected them. ​ 

​From this standpoint, we are concerned with spreading the Health, Safety and Environment culture in order to change in personal behaviors regarding Safety and environments.​​

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​​​Document Title​​​​​ ​Date Posted Document​
​Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement ​6/4/2016​
(857 KB)
​Safety Manual
(2,569 KB)
Be Ready​​ ​6/4/2016​
(192 KB)
Confined Spaces ​6/4/2016 ​​​ (324 KB)
Following Procedures of Federal Electricity and Water Authority in work accidents ​​​6/4/2016
(593 KB)
​Is Safety a Culture or a Program ​6/4/2016
(524 KB)
​The Basics of Safety ​6/4/2016
(793 KB)

​What do You Know About Recycling ​6/4/2016
(830 KB)

​​FEWA Regulations and Standards for Produced, Distributed and Drinking Water ​6/4/2016
(1,250 KB)
​Insurance ​6/4/2016
(843 KB)
​Earthquakes Hazards ​6/4/2016
(422 KB)
Sustainable Green Transportation ​6/4/2016
(529 KB)
Heat Stress ​21/4/2016
(611 KB)
​Emergency Care For Electric Shock ​21/4/2016
(212 KB)
Use Electricity in a way that does not affect the
(1,260 KB)
Safe Work Practices ​21/4/2016
(367 KB)
All FEWA Employees Safety Role & Responsibility 6/10/2016​
Hazard Assessments  24/10/2016​
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