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Open Data Policy

This page contains data, statistics & reports which produced by Federal Electricity and Water Authority. This information is accessible in the form of open data that provides data to the user in easy to use formats, such as Excel.

The open data policy adopted by FEWA allows you to use the files as long as you don’t modify the data in the files. You also have to mention the source of data and make it accessible to others.

Open data usage

The user of the open data has absolute freedom:

  • The ability to use, p​rint, copy & distribute the open data
  • The ability to modify the design
  • Mention the source of the data
  • Don’t change the information in open data page

  • I​​nform​ation Center

    ​​Federal Electricity and Water Authority provides the visitors to its website a platform of open data in order to enable them to benefit from the information and statistics available​​​.

    The documents found through FEWA website includes content that can be shared and republished to increase the level of public and specialised knowledge of its practices.

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    ​​What Information Do You Need to Know?

    You can simply search for any available documents in our open data page by choosing a category or typing ​​the kewo​​rd on the search field below​​​

    ​Total Water Production of ​ 
    FEWA RO Plants 2014
    ​Water-Statistics 68​ KB
    Total Water Production of 
    FEWA RO Plants 2014
    ​​Water-Statistics ​53 KB​
    ​Total Water Production of FEWA RO Plants 2013​​ ​​Water-Statistics 65 KB
    Total Water Production of FEWA RO Plants 2013 ​​Water-Statistics 46 KB
    ​Total Water Production of FEWA RO Plants 2012 ​​Water-Statistics 61 KB
    Total Water Production of FEWA RO Plants 2012 ​​Water-Statistics​​ ​​​​​77.​5 KB
    Total FEWA Production 2011 ​​Water-Statistics 70.4 KB
    FEWA RO Plants for 2010 ​​Water-Statistics 72 KB
    FEWA MED Plants 2009​​ ​​Water-Statistics 75.6 KB​​​
    Electricity-Statistics ​​2015​​​ ​​​Electricity-Statistics​
    9​ KB
    Electricity Statistics ​​2012​​​​ ​​Electricity-Statistics​​
    113 KB
    Electricity Statistics ​​2012​​​​​​ ​​Electricity-Statistics​ 55.3 KB
    ​​2015 ​FEWA Website Traffic​ June - October​ ​​ ​​​Website-Statistics​ 24.4 KB
    ​​2014 ​FEWA Website Traffic​​ ​​​Website-Statistics​ ​18.3 KB
    ​​2013 FEWA Website Traffic ​​​Website-Statistics​​​ 22 KB
    ​E-services Usage Report (2014 - 2015 - ​2016) ​​​E-services-Statistics​​​​ 10.8 KB
    ​​​E-Service Usage Report (2017)​​​​ ​E-services-Statistics​​​​ ​​18 KB
    ​​​E-Service Usage Report (2018)​​​​ ​E-services-Statistics​​​​ ​​17 KB
    ​​​E-Service Usage Report (2019)​​​​ ​E-services-Statistics​​​​ ​​17 KB
    ​Usage Summary Graph​​​​ ​​​E-services-Statistics​​​ 7.87 ​KB
    ​Monthly Usage Chart​​ ​​​E-services-Statistics​​​​​ 21.3 KB
    ​Payment Total Usage​​ (2016) ​​​​E-services-Statistics​​​​​ ​9.1 KB
    ​Payment Total Usage​​ (2017) ​​​​E-services-Statistics​​​​​ 9.1 KB
    ​​Information Security​​ Policy​ ​​​ ​Other 1.61 MB
    ​​Tariff​​ ​Tariff 124 KB
    Writing Guideline for the Official Portal of the Government of the United Arab Emirates​​​​​ ​​Other​​​ 1​77 KB
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