Registration Forms

​Regist​ration / Renewal fees and penalties

Registration fess (AED 1000/-)

Registration Renewal fees (AED 500/- per year)

Non-renewal penalty after the elapse of one month from date of expiry (AED ​100/-) ( For each month of delay or part thereof upto a maximum of AED 1200/- )​​

General Instructions:

Registration is applicable only for local companies [at least 51% of the share capital is owned by U.A.E. national] and companies registered by any Free Zone in the U.A.E.

The registration form, which is in downloadable Word format, should be completely filled electronically (not by hand), stamped and then submitted along with the required documents mentioned in the form, at the Purchase Department in the head office, Dubai, during normal working hours. 

The evaluation procedures may take a period of 15 working days. You shall contact the Purchase Dept. after this period, for follow-up.

Vendors are not allowed to change any details requested in the form. If any changes are found from the original form, the application shall be rejected. Please note that we do not accept e-mail IDs with Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

The resources of a second company (local or foreign) can be considered, only if:​

a- There is a legally attested joint-venture agreement between the registering company and the second company, or

b- The second company is a legal share-holder in the registering company.

For renewal of registration, the application (Renewal Form) may be submitted within 15 days after the expiry date, to avoid penalty. Late penalty shall be AED 100/- for each month delayed. Payment should be in cash only.

Contractors who would like to apply for re-classification should submit the Registration and Classification form at the time of renewal, and not the Renewal Form.

For payments, please note that the cashier timings are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday : 07.00 am to 01.30 pm

Thursday : 07.00 am to 12.30 pm ​

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